In a world where we are all trying to do our bit to save the planet and reduce waste, recycling and reuse is the way forward.  At Rubber Chippings Limited, we believe that we are providing a variety of uses for the tyres that previously went to landfill.  The tyres are chopped up mechanically and then the chippings are graded and sold according to size. The largest chunks are usually an average of 25mm in size, down to 1mm crumb which is used as a lawn reinforcer. The reinforcing wire is extracted from the tyres by magnets as they are chopped up.

TyresThe chippings are chunks of solid rubber and so do not absorb water. They are also slightly water repellent and it is noticeable that they dry out before anything else after rain. Laid to about 4cms thick the rubber chippings form a cushioned surface which makes play areas, paths and hen pens more comfortable surfaces to walk on than grass, concrete or mud.

We sell our chippings in manageable 10 kg (e) bags. For larger bulk orders, please contact us for a quote.

Here are some happy chickens!

Here are some chickens who are delighted with their luxurious new colour coordinated chippings!
Green chippings pen   photo (2)